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Legal Definition of check


  1. A form of bill of exchange where the order to pay is given to a bank which is holding the payor's money.

Definition of check


    From Persian چک (chek) (in the first meaning).


  • enPR: chĕk, IPA: /tʃɛk/, SAMPA: /tSEk/
  • Audio (US) [?]
  • Rhymes: -ɛk



check (plural checks)

  1. (US) An order to a bank to pay money to a named person or entity; a cheque (UK, Canada).

    I was not carrying cash, so I wrote a check for the amount.

  2. (US) A mark (especially a checkmark: √ ) used as an indicator, equivalent to a tick (UK).

    Place a check by the things you have done.

  3. (usually pluralized) A pattern made up of a grid of squares of alternating colors; a checkered pattern.

    The tablecloth had red and white checks.

  4. (US) A bill, particularly in a restaurant.

    I summoned the waiter, paid the check, and hurried to leave.

  5. A control; a limit or stop.

    checks and balances

  6. An inspection or examination.

    I don't know if she will be there, but it's worth a check.

  7. (chess) The situation in which the king is directly threatened by an opposing piece.
  8. (contact sports) A maneuver performed by a player to take another player out of the play.

    The hockey player gave a good hard check to obtain the puck.


  • (note of monetary transfer): cheque (UK, Canada)
  • (indicator mark): tick (UK)
  • (bill of sale): cheque (Canada)


to check (third-person singular simple present checks, present participle checking, simple past and past participle checked)

  1. To inspect; to examine.

    Check the oil in your car once a month.
    Check whether this page has a watermark.

  2. To mark with a checkmark.

    Check the correct answer to each question.

  3. To control, limit, or halt.

    Check your enthusiasm during a negotiation.

  4. To verify or compare with a source of information.

    Check your data against known values.

  5. To leave in safekeeping.

    Check your hat and coat at the door.

  6. To leave with a shipping agent for shipping.

    Check your bags at the ticket counter before the flight.

  7. (contact sports) To physically remove a person from play.

    The hockey player checked the defenceman to obtain the puck

  8. (poker) To remain in the hand without betting, only legal if no one has yet bet.

    Tom did not think he could win, so he checked.


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Translation of check in Malay



a note promising to pay money to a named person or entity

  1. cek

a mark like a v or sometimes x used as an indicator

  1. silang (x-mark)

a checkered pattern

  1. kotak

an inspection or examination

  1. pemeriksaan


to inspect, examine

  1. periksa


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