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A court of sessions is the name of a type of court in a number of countries which derive their legal system largely from English law. The name is, however, not of English, but Scottish origin. As many Scots were a part of the British colonial emigration, the name of this institution was familiar to them, and in various circumstances, it was adopted, at least nominally.

Following is a list of courts of sessions:

Court of Sessions (California)

The Court of Sessions system was introduced in each county of California shortly after the attainment of statehood in 1850. The Court of Sessions was largely a provisional device for governing California counties prior to the first election of boards of supervisors. Thus its powers extended beyond the purely judicial, and included executive and legislative functions. It was presided over by an elected County Judge and two appointed associated judges. The Court of Sessions in each county was disbanded upon the election of a Board of Supervisors.


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