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The High Court of Justiciary is the supreme criminal court of Scotland.

The High Court is both a court of first instance and a court of appeal. As a court of first instance, the High Court sits mainly in Parliament House, or in the former Sheriff Court building, in Edinburgh, but also sits from time to time at various other locations in Scotland. As a court of appeal, it sits only in Edinburgh.[2]

The High Court of Justiciary has once sat outside Scotland, at Zeist in the Netherlands during the Pan Am Flight 103 bombing trial (see Scottish Court in the Netherlands).


The individuals who sit in the High Court often hold a seat simultaneously in Scotland's civil court system.

The judges of the High Court are the same ones who sit in the Court of Session, Scotland's supreme civil court. The Court of Session's Lord President is also the High Court's Lord Justice General. The Lord Justice Clerk holds his or her office in both courts. The remaining judges are referred to as Lords Commissioners of Justiciary in the context of the High Court, and Lords of Council and Session or Senators of the College of Justice in the context of the Court of Session.


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