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Legal Definition of injury


  1. Any harm whatever illegally caused to any person, in body, mind, reputation or property
    - Penal Code (Act 574)

Definition of injury


    From Anglo-Norman injurie, from Latin iniūria (“injustice; wrong; offense”), from in- (“not”) + iūs, iūris (“right, law”).



injury (plural injuries)

  1. Any damage or violation of, the person, character, feelings, rights, property, or interests of an individual; that which injures, or occasions wrong, loss, damage, or detriment; harm; hurt; loss; mischief; wrong; evil; as, his health was impaired by a severe injury; slander is an injury to the character.

Further reading

Injury is damage to a biological organism which can be classified on various bases.


By cause

  • Traumatic injury, a body wound or shock produced by sudden physical injury, as from violence or accident
  • Other injuries from external physical causes, such as radiation injury, burn injury or frostbite
  • Injury from infection
  • Injury from toxin or as adverse effect of a pharmaceutical drug
  • Metabolic injury
    • Complications of diabetes due to hyperglycemia
    • Complications of lysosomal and glycogen storage diseases
  • Injury due to autoimmunity
  • Injury due to cancer
  • Injury secondary to any other disease

By location

  • Wound, an injury in which skin is torn, cut or punctured (an open wound), or where blunt force trauma causes a contusion (a closed wound). In pathology, it specifically refers to a sharp injury which damages the dermis of the skin.
  • Brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Nerve injury
  • Soft tissue injury
  • Cell damage, including direct DNA damage

By activity

  • Sports injury
  • Occupational injury


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