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Definition of written


  • SAMPA: {{{1}}}
  • IPA: /'rɪtn̩/
  • Audio (US) [?]
  • Rhymes: -ɪtən
  • Hyphenation: writ‧ten


written (comparative more written, superlative most written)

  1. Of, relating or characteristic of writing (i.e., of that which has been written)

    I can speak Japanese fairly well, but I have no understanding whatsoever of written Japanese.

  2. That was written.


  • 1978, Jacques Derrida, Alan Bass, Writing and Difference, page 62:
    It is more written than said
  • 1991, Jay Clayton, Eric Rothstein, Influence and Intertextuality in Literary History‎, page 109:
    ... although certainly more written than oral, are radically implicated in orality because of their performative nature and susceptibility to "mouvance"
  • 1994, Marvin L. Kalb, The Nixon Memo: Political Respectability, Russia, and the Press‎, page 68:
    Strmecki reworked the draft, making it seem "more written than spoken."
  • 1996, Richard M. Swiderski, The Metamorphosis of English: Versions of Other Languages‎, page 83:
    The Chinese is more written than the English in that the writing is more removed from speech than the phonetic English.
  • 1998, Ilana Snyder, Michael Joyce, Page to Screen: Taking Literacy Into the Electronic Era‎, page 96:
    Yates concludes that in terms of lexical density, 'CMC users package information in text in ways that are more written than speech-like'
  • 1998, Charles Bernstein, Close Listening: Poetry and the Performed Word‎, page 211:
    printed in caps to suggest that the whole performance be thought of as one gigantic sentence. If Silliman's talk is more written than spoken, ...
  • 2003, Roger Ebert, Roger Ebert's Movie Yearbook 2004‎, page 71:
    Even insults, when they are traded, seem more written than felt.


  • oral
  • verbal

Derived terms

  • hand-written



  1. Past participle of write.

    Has your girlfriend written you a letter yet?


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