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  1. A person who has received the power to act on behalf of another, binding that other person as if he or she were themselves making the decisions. The person who is being represented by the agent is referred to as the "principal."

Definition of agent


    < Latin agens, present participle of agere ("to drive, lead, conduct, manage, perform, do")



agent (plural agents)

  1. One who exerts power, or has the power to act; an actor.

    Heaven made us agents, free to good or ill. --Dryden.

  2. One who acts for, or in the place of, another (the principal), by authority from him; one intrusted with the business of another; a substitute; a deputy; a factor.
  3. An active power or cause; that which has the power to produce an effect; as, a physical, chemical, or medicinal agent; as, heat is a powerful agent.
  4. (computing) In the client-server model, the part of the system that performs information preparation and exchange on behalf of a client or server. Especially in the phrase "intelligent agent" it implies some kind of autonomous process which can communicate with other agents to perform some collective task on behalf of one or more humans.
  5. (grammar) The participant of a situation that carries out the action in this situation, e.g. "the boy" in the sentences "The boy kicked the ball" and "The ball was kicked by the boy".

Derived terms

Terms derived from the noun "agent"

  • agent noun
  • Agent Orange
  • chemical agent
  • double agent
  • firming agent
  • leavening agent
  • lifting agent
  • oxidizing agent
  • purchasing agent
  • reducing agent
  • secret agent
  • travel agent
  • user agent
  • wetting agent

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Translation of agent in Malay


  1. agen


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