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    From Middle English claimen < Old French claimer, clamer ("to call, name, send for") < Latin clamare ("to call, cry out"), connected with calare ("to call"), cognate to Ancient Greek καλεῖν (kalein), "to call, convoke").



claim (plural claims)

  1. A demand of ownership made for something (eg. claim ownership, claim victory).
  2. A new statement of truth made about something, usually when the statement has yet to be verified.
  3. A demand of ownership for previously unowned land (eg. in the gold rush, oil rush)
  4. (law) A legal demand for compensation or damages.

Usage notes

  • Demand ownership of land not previously owned. One usually stakes a claim.
  • The legal sense. One usually makes a claim.


to claim (third-person singular simple present claims, present participle claiming, simple past and past participle claimed)

  1. To demand ownership of.
  2. To state a new fact.
  3. To demand ownership or right to use for land.
  4. (law) To demand compensation or damages through the courts.

Related terms


  • Alphagram: acilm
  • malic

Further reading

Claim (legal)

A claim is a legal action to obtain money, property, or the enforcement of a right against another party. The legal document which carries a claim is called a Statement of Claim. It can be any communication notifying the addressee of alleged faulty execution which resulted in damages, often expressed in amount of money the party should pay/reimburse.

There are several issues of concern when filing a statement of claim. Although to file a Statement of Claim is fairly straight forward, it is important it be done properly or you may lose your case due to a simple technicality.

A Claim is a Legal statement made to alert the accused of the legal implications.


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