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high court (plural high courts)

  1. A supreme court; a court to which final appeals may be taken.


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The term High Court usually refers to the superior court (or supreme court) of a country or state. In some countries, it is the highest court (e.g. Australia). In others, it is positioned lower in the hierarchy of courts (e.g. in England & Wales).

List of High Courts

Alphabetically by name of associated country:

  • High Court of Australia
  • Supreme Court of Bangladesh (composed of High court division and Appellate division)
  • Royal High Court of Bhutan
  • Court of High Commission (ecclesiastical court in England)
  • High Court (Fiji)
  • High Court (Germany)
  • High Court (Guyana)
  • High Court (Hong Kong)
  • High Courts of India, several courts
  • High Court (Ireland)
  • High Court (Isle of Man)
  • Supreme Court of Israel (serves as an Appellate court and as the High Court of Justice)
  • High Courts of Japan
  • High Court of Lesotho
  • High Courts of Malaysia
  • High Court of Maldives (Not the supreme Court)
  • High Court of Morocco
  • High Court (Myanmar)
  • High Court of New Zealand
  • High Courts of Nigeria
  • High Courts of Pakistan, several courts
  • High Court of Cassation and Justice (Romania)
  • High Court of Singapore
  • High Court of Sri Lanka
  • High Court of South Africa
  • High Courts of Spain, several courts
  • High Court (Sweden)
  • High Court of Trinidad & Tobago
  • High Court (Uganda)
  • High Court of Justice (United Kingdom: England and Wales)
  • High Court of Justiciary (United Kingdom: Scotland)


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Translation of high court in Malay


A supreme court; a court to which final appeals may be taken

  1. mahkamah tinggi


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