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A Sessions Court is a court of law which exists in several Commonwealth countries.


As per section 9 of CrPc, the court is established by the State Government for every sessions division. The court is presided over by a Judge, appointed by the High Court of that particular state. The High Court may also appoint Additional Sessions Judges and Assistant Sessions Judges in this court.

In Indian cities, the Sessions Court is responsible for adjudicating matters related to criminal cases. The court is responsible for cases relating to murders, theft, dacoity, pick-pocketing and other such cases. District court is called when it exercises its jurisdiction on criminal matters under Code of Criminal procedure.

In Mumbai there are three courts, the main one being in the Kala Ghoda region of South Mumbai second at sewree in south Mumbai and the third in Bandra. The fourth sessions court in north suberbs is in Dindoshi covering areas up to Dahisar.

Courts of sessions in India have the power to impose the full range of penalties for criminal acts, including the death penalty.


Somewhat like the former Quarter Sessions in England, the but does not exceed RM250,000, except in matters relating to motor vehicle accidents, landlord and tenant and distress, where the Sessions Courts have unlimited jurisdiction.


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